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What do you think I used to make the video? I asked a few of my friends and I got all sorts of answers. Sadly none was right. I will tell you the answer in a little bit. First, a little background.

June 14th is a big day for Blood donors in the world. This is the day set aside to celebrate them and their kindness.

In 2011, I started Wanadamu, an initiative which seeks to bridge the gap between those in need of blood and blood donors. Almost 5 years later, the initiative is still going strong.

As I was checking to clear my junk emails, I came across an email which ended up in the wrong folder. A student representative from one of the universities located approximately 650 Kilometres from Nairobi had invited me to talk to the students about Wanadamu. They were keen to know how I came up with the idea, where we have come from and our future plans.

I couldn’t make it due to last minute logistical nightmare. I felt very bad as I could feel the enthusiasm from the email. I decided to send them a Power Point presentation. As I was working on it, I felt more stressed. There are things I needed to bring out on the presentation but that would have meant a long presentation. Death by Powerpoint is not what I was aiming for! I thought of recording myself and sending a voice over together with the attachment but there were too many buts and what ifs in my thought process. I was throwing in the towel. I had thought of everything I could do to make it up to the students in the shortest time possible but I wasn’t getting much lack.

As I was just about to send a regret mail ‘I regret to inform you I will not send the presentation I had promised’ I remembered a great feature on Microsoft Office 365, presented to us at the Mircrosoft Immersion Session, where one can do presentations from the laptop, use the laptop webcam to record themselves and the laptop mic to pick up audio then later extract the presentation in whatever format. This was my chance to try it out.


 A few minutes later my presentation was done and converted to a video which I uploaded and sent to them as a link. How cool is that?! My life is now easier. I don’t have to go meet all my clients, I can do presentations, record and email them. What are you waiting for?

This is one of the lesser known features. Get signed up and start using Microsoft Office 365 to discover more.I am sure at the end of the day you will be sharing your #O365truestoryKE For more info click here.

Following my earlier post “And Finally A Solution”, you can clearly see that Microsoft 365 is truly something that will change your life. Still need more convincing? How about I reward you with a Microsoft License for a year? All you need to do is share, on twitter or Facebook, using the hashtag #0365truestoryKE what you would like Microsoft 365 to help you with and how badly you need it in your life. Feel free to be creative! You can submit this using text, audio, pictures or even videos. Your creativity may just win you this License!


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  1. leonard musungu // July 1, 2016 at 7:23 pm // Reply

    am glad to have you on all this plans?

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