Santa Fun Run

Picture, a child minding their own business around the house. The child puts into their mouth something they shouldn’t. They start choking and/or pass out … what would you do? It only takes one second for person looking after the child to be distracted or preoccupied with something else for it to happen.

Calls will be made, tears will be shed but first and foremost, the child needs first aid. An Aid which very few parents and care givers can administer. Above accident my result in fatality. We have lost one child too many. Children who could have been saved through simple first aid.

This year, the Santa Fun Run invites you and your friends or family for a 6km run on December 7th 2014. The aim of the run is to raise funds to support Childcare First Aid, a campaign that aims to encourage parents and child care givers to get basic life-saving skills, and more importantly, first aid as well as teach children crucial life-saving skills. During the campaign, parents, caregivers and children will receive expert advice and information while participating in fun, and practical activities about first aid and life skills. By taking part in the run you will be ensuring that a child gets the necessary aid in case of an accident. All you have to do is get a team of 4, register, collect your santa suits on the day and bring your A-game. Why? Over and above supporting this worthy cause, the top 3 teams in family, group and corporate will be rewarded with cash, holidays and many more goodies up for grabs.

After completing the 6km fun run, participants will have join in on the after-fun, enjoy some refreshments and get a very merry shot with the Real Santa Claus and celebrities participating. With all Santa’s across the finish line, all participants will gather for the Big Santa Photo at the main ground.

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