Mind your talk

There’s a high chance that my friend will kill me when they read this.  But …it has to be said.

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with this same friend. I kept getting NO, NO, NO responses and I wondered, does my friend ever say yes? When I finally asked, they said they have programmed their mind to saying NO to everything.

I am very keen on the little things. It is said that the little things are the ones that count. I have noted, there are those in society who only know one way- THEIR WAY- and any other way can literally hit the HIGHWAY.

These people will trash any thought process because they believe they have better thought processes-genius they sometimes call them. Such people cannot be avoided in the society.

However, their continuous trashing of an individuals thought may bring about a permanent problem.

The said individual will automatically shy off when it comes to sharing their thoughts, and even where they are sure their have a working solution they will opt to be silent rather than be silenced. At the end of the day who suffers? The individual here will get their self esteem and confidence killed and they will not be able to exercise and nurture their talents and skills.

This is how I deal with the so-called ‘thought trashers’. First, it might be that their fridges are empty so they need to constantly feed their egos before they starve to death.

Having identified such a person, find other avenues to air your concerns or input. E.g. add a neutral person to the conversation. Research has shown in an event where 2 out of 3 people agree on a subject, the ‘thought trasher’ automatically calms down.

As a ‘thought trasher’, you have to know that you are a disservice to the nation and generations that follow. Why? Because it is important to appreciate, understand and treat everyone equally.

Not everyone has the right answer, or is exposed as you are, but they may have a point and at the end of the day, the life we live in has constants. It doesn’t matter which side of the coin you are, but if you use that energy to positively, maybe you can change the world. There are definitely better ways to correct someone or express concerns.


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