Candy Crush Business

There are three kinds of people in this world, those who play candy crush, those who hate candy crush and those who have no clue what candy crush is.

For those who hate candy crush, well, I was once on your side, but somewhat partially converted.  See, I used to hate it, and then started playing it to kill time, then I got addicted and now I have been stuck at a level (I will not disclose) for months. I know that I truly hate it, but every so often I go back to the silly game and TRY.  But the bottom line is that many people hate that candy game and have never understood the gist of it.

Here is the interesting thing. When I was actively playing candy crush, I had this drive from within which, if I borrowed just half of it and applied in my personal life, I would be very far right now. These are sentiments I’m sure most candy crush addicts agree with.

You are given a target, you work towards it. The more you play the harder it gets, but the harder it gets the harder you push on.

I know of people who crack their heads literally to complete a level. Others go to the extent of military strategizing and once they finally conquer a level that had caused them hell, they get so much inner joy and the struggles begin again in the next level.

Where would your business or projects (the ones you want to work on, the ones you are working on, the ones you gave up on) be if you gave them the heart you gave candy crush? The unrelenting spirit, the not thinking about how many times you have fallen down, but how many times you have risen again? The optimism when all hope is lost?

Next time you get to your gadget to play candy crush, enjoy, but when you are done playing, borrow the drive and motivation and apply it in your personal life.

Let nothing be a challenge, let nothing be unachievable. Then thank me later.


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