The Paper chase

The paper chase around the globe is definitely real. As prices continue to shoot up, desires of the heart become more pressing and the bank balance is not always enough. People have done and will continue doing so much in the 24-hour space just to make that extra coin.


(pic of someone holding some cash)


The 24 hours that make a day are constant. You can never have more or less hours in your day.

However, what you do with your 24 hours is fundamental. Others wake up at 6am, get to the office by 8am, and leave at 5pm or later. They finally retire to bed 11pm or earlier and the next day, the cycle continues. In a much extreme case, others will go to bed as late as 4am,wake up at 7am work through the day until their bodies automatically shut down due to exhaustion.


(pic of medicine in someone’s hand)


No matter the paper chase quest, 3 things, in my opinion, often suffer the consequences. These are health, your social life and growing up. I see you nodding whispering a prayer ‘He finally learnt’ -yes I got my lessons the hard way but again, life has to go on.

According to my doctor (and many others for that matter), your body needs a steady intake of nutritious food, water and sufficient rest. Exercise is also highly recommended.


(some take away box ama chips/burger)


For most people, every second counts and they can’t afford to go sit in a restaurant and order a good meal because it may take a few extra minutes to prepare. Some would rather eat ‘fries’ as it is (almost) always ready and is considered as food on the go. When this same person gets home, they want a quick bite because again, cooking a nice meal will waste their precious time. Also, the garbage collector guy knows their favorite takeaway dishes because he is well acquainted with their trash.

Think about it. Such people are usually always on the move and this means their bodies will only want to run on coffee or sugar boosting aids like sodas, rather than water.


(picture of a clock)


Experts recommend about 6-8hrs of sleep, others push their bodies to 2-hour rests for 22 hours of work. You may master the art, but I can assure you it will come back and bite you.

The nature of the bite is what varies. Some bites will force the person to take time off to rest, some bites will put you in places where you don’t have much of a choice but to rest e.g. a hospital bed. Same applies for exercise, I can not subscribe to a gym because I don’t have time, and it is faster to get to the 4th floor using a lift as opposed to stairs.

People have lost friends and families because they got lost in the paper chase. Friends and family may be secretly praying that you learn your lesson the hard way so you can appreciate the role they played in your life.

Well, the bottom line is that work may come through for you financially but in the end money will never be enough to end all your problems. On your wedding day it is not money that will attend your wedding but friends, and such is the case on your burial day.

Growing up or taking time to enjoy your youth or life is also important. It is a key component that thanks to the paper chase you many end up not doing.

Chase the paper all you can but remember IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH


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